A single improvement, all the difference. If you’re currently satisfied with your WordPress site but would like some touching up in a certain area by a professional, then your in the right place. Stand-alone WordPress website projects are strictly individual projects dealing with either design, development or mobile optimization.

If you would like all three of these options added to your site, then my complete website projects may suit you better. Website enhancements are not included in stand-alone projects.

Web Design

Website Design

Already have a WordPress site but need help designing your website? Have an outdated theme? Content all over the place? Contrast not pleasing to the eye? I can help you solely with stylizing your theme to your liking. Get caught up with your competition with new trends and custom designs.

How can BDP Web Design be beneficial to designing your website? I focus on balance, contrast and rhythm while keeping emphasis on your brand or product. I keep up with the latest web trends by integrating flat and/or material design. I like a minimalistic design for a clean, uncluttered display that’s pleasing to the eye. Reading text is an overlooked issue on a web page, so I choose simple typography that’s easy to read for anyone. Ghost buttons are important for a distraction free environment on a web page.

My main focus revolves around intriguing the visitor while keeping it simple and clean. Tell me what you like or leave it up to me deliver you a beautifully designed website.

Web Development

Website Development

Already have a WordPress site but need help developing your website? I can help you strictly with developing your site to have it up and running to maximum performance. Get rid of all your outdated code and errors. Have your site function better than your competition to intrigue more visitors.

Why develop your site with BDP Web Design? I use valid code that’s W3C standards-compliant to ensure a properly functioned website. I have a habit for keeping clean, well-organized code. With just about 5 years under my belt from developing websites, I encompassed a wide range of experience within the use of CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL Database, Javascript, jQuery and more.

Allow me to search for errors and bugs within your site’s code and remove or repair it completely. Have your site developed with my help to have your website function and perform to it’s highest ability.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Complete your website creation by optimizing it into mobile platforms. Look professional on a iPad, tablet, Galaxy, iPhone or anything that’s on-the-go compatible. Convert your existing theme to a responsive design. I can even help you build a completely separate mobile experience for your users.

Why have BDP Web Design optimize your site to mobile platforms? With the steady increase of mobile users, mobile web design is essential for a complete website. By using multiple fluid grid layouts, I can transform your site into responsive layouts so your site is flexible toward any screen size. I can also provide you with a completely different mobile experience from your desktop version. I find it very important not to overcrowd web pages when optimizing mobile sites due to the smaller screen sizes.

Regardless of the screen size, have your website perfectly aligned to fit for a nice and clean browsing experience for your visitors. Your website is not complete until you have provided your users with a fully optimized mobile version.

The fine print: mobile optimization covers fitting content for any screen, implementation of retina display, web design and web development of a mobile version for your website, whereas the enhancement, responsive design, focuses only on fitting your content for any screen.