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You / My Client | BDP Web Design

You / My Client

You are my #1 priority. My goal is to successfully complete a website project to its highest quality and as quickly as possible.

I make it my job to build a website until my client is 100% satisfied with their new and improved website.

Website Design | BDP Web Design

Website Design

When it comes to designing a website, I focus on every little detail. Aligned page layouts, responsive web page design, text to image ratio, contrasts in color and size, and so on.

I have years of experience in CSS with a few tricks up my sleeve. I want to make a clean and perfectly designed website that fit your needs.

Web Development | BDP Web Design

Web Development

Rid yourself of all the errors and unorganization in your code. HTML, CSS, PHP, JS. I got you covered. I’m a stickler for well-organized coding.

Allow me to redevelop your website with valid code that’s W3C standards-compliant. Have your site up and running to it’s maximum performance in no time.

Enhancements | BDP Web Design


Give your site a boost beyond your competitors with several key improvements. Responsive design, SEO, page speed (WPO), social media marketing and retina display.

Increase traffic to your site and expand your mobile audience. Overall, give your site the max performance and functionality it deserves.


who I am and what I do.
Bring your desired website to life with my help.

I am a WordPress website designer and developer. My goal is to make your WordPress website experience easy and affordable. I build custom themes as fast as possible while remaining satisfactory to all my clients.

I develop a close working relationship with each of my clients in order to get your website to the perfect look and feel you want. I provide several low-priced website projects at a professional quality.

I understand not everyone can afford a website, that's why I created BDP Web Design. I want people to expand their business and website without having to spend a lot of money.

Remember, it's my mission to make your desired website come to life!

  • Web Design

    Introduce a unique contrast in color, size and alignment that captures your viewer's eye.

  • Web Development

    Enable maximum functionality to your website that surpasses your competitors and exceeds your user's expectations.

  • Responsive Design / Layout

    Allow your site to look and perform the same on any phone or tablet as it would on a desktop.

  • SEO & WPO

    Get the recognition you deserve with an increase in traffic & increase user visibility with speed and fast page loads.

Take your website to the next level
Allow me to build your new or existing website to it's maximum potential by implementing the best web design and development practices into your site.